introducing cannography

Prior to his current endeavor, Rob worked in Graphics and Fine Art Design. His past experience includes sales, production, project management and finally opeing his own successful firm (BDG, INC) which survived rapid growth, a toxic business partnership and a move to a new building after the partnership dissolution. As the industry began to shift, BDG downsized. Through it all Rob continued to create photography, mixed media and musical works. Added to this, is gardening experience that spans 4 decades and inspired  our retail store and labor of love, Perpetual Harvest.

Rob's unique vision is brought to vivid life with his mixed media pieces, each series becoming a pictography of his life experiences. The Cannography project will unveil mixed media artwork collections and series that are elegant, enchanting and will serve the viewer an ever-angaging experience. This perspective represents the perspective of the "Artist Gardener"