About Us

About Us



We opened Perpetual Harvest Organic Garden Supply in 2013 and my wife and I are proud to have come this far. Owning a small business is a lot like gardening with cycles of challenges and successes. Dedicated gardeners celebrate and share their successes and persevere through inevitable challenges. We want to help you increase your successes and meet the challenges in your garden with great products, education services, and events to meet other gardening enthusiasts.When you visit our fully stocked store, our displays will provide a living example of what is possible in your home or office. No matter what your crop choice is, we have what you need. Whether you’re interested in organics, hydroponics, indoor lighting or ventilation, we can help. New to gardening? No problem! Our educational and consult services will suit every budget and need.Unable to get to our store? Check out our online store and remember, You Can Grow, We Can Help.

Rob’s Bio




Rob has been an entrepreneur for most of his working career. Prior to Perpetual Harvest, he owned a design firm that produced graphic store displays, volume digital printing, custom works and restaurant redesign. His experience in remodeling interior commercial spaces is a valuable resource as the interest for indoor garden spaces continues to grow. Rob has also been a part of the art world for nearly 4 decades. He is a self-taught musician and visual artist. His vast library of photographs reveal an intuitive aesthetic sense and an acute eye for color. Rob’s love of gardening first stirring in childhood, was a driving force in his nearly 35 years of gardening experience in a variety of states, climates, conditions and crops. This invaluable growing experience is an endless source of insight and information. Rob is committed to using his vast experience to help others become better, more self-sufficient gardeners and to encourage growing clean high quality cannabis, food and herbs.

Kris’ Bio



Kris worked in child care for 29 years in various capacities from assistant group leader to center director and many things in-between. She has been a home gardener for most of her adult life and like Rob was inspired by her family’ backyard gardens and the excitement of waiting and watching things grow. She believes the role gardening can play in peoples’ physical and mental well-being in immense. Additionally, as we become more educated about gardening and farming methods that work in concert with the environment, we can reduce the negative impacts that have been incurred from conventional methods.