Our quality hydro hoods from trusted manufacturers can be used alone or as a system for larger indoor gardens. Boost productivity with reflectors and air-cooled hydroponic hoods in a variety…
Check out our selection of digital and magnetic ballasts from top manufacturers like Badass & Hortolux, delivering efficiency and performance for any hydroponic garden set up.
Fluorescents, Metal Halide (or MH), High Pressure Sodium (or HPS) and LEDs of varying sizes for all of your growing needs from names like Hortolux. We carry MH & HPS…


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    Mission Statement Selling the highest quality products in providing the highest quality "know-how" available. Exceeding each and every one of our customer's…
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    About Us About Perpetual Harvest Unlike other hydroponics shops, our goal is to properly educate you in the art of indoor gardening.…
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