Ideal on its own or mixed with other growing media, rock wool provides fantastic aeration and nutrient delivery. view our full inventory of rock wool
Affordable and lightweight, perlite is a re-useable grow media that mixes well with soils and coco coir to create an all-purpose potting mix.
From potting mixes to organics, natural soil and aggregates, our selection of popular brands like X and Y will fill your pots.
Popular for growing a wide range of plants, fruits and veggies, clay pellets are clean, odorless and perfect for aeration. Prevent root rot with quality clay pellets from brands like…


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    Mission Statement Selling the highest quality products in providing the highest quality "know-how" available. Exceeding each and every one of our customer's…
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    About Us About Perpetual Harvest Unlike other hydroponics shops, our goal is to properly educate you in the art of indoor gardening.…
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