Hydroponics - The Future of Gardening

Hydroponic gardening allows you to create a bountiful garden within a small space. This has become especially important with the scarcity of land in urban and suburban centers across the globe. Large areas of barren or arid land also limit the ability to grow many different plants, while hydroponics open the door wide to nearly any growth possibilities, no matter what the soil and climate conditions.

Although hydroponic gardening offers a host of recognized benefits, commercial hydroponics have not hit the mainstream market yet.

Assumptions About Hydroponics

Many people associate hydroponic gardening with marijuana, and companies working to expand the industry have been beaten down because of that assumption. As more time passes and concerns for the environment heighten, the true advantages of hydroponics come to the forefront for both farmers and residential gardeners and assumptions fall.

What About Soil?

Hydroponic gardens do not use soil. Seeds or seedlings are planted in a growing media with nutrients delivered directly to the roots. Although some people are surprised to discover that plants do not require soil to thrive, they're even more surprised to learn that other growing medias offer a healthier, more efficient solution.

Plants expend a substantial amount of energy growing roots to spread through soil in search of nutrients and water. Hydroponics provides these two essentials in a constant stream, soluble and efficient, often resulting in much quicker growth. Plants grown in a hydroponic garden can mature up to 50 percent faster than their soil counterparts.

Benefits to Skipping Soil

Are you wondering what happens when you skip soil? Realize these benefits:

  • Better control over the nutrients absorbed and greater balance of nutrients
  • Saves space, as no yard is required, and can be set up indoors for year round enjoyment
  • Conserves water - hydroponic gardens require only 2/3 of the water used in traditional soil gardens
  • Saves money and can be started with a minimal budget
  • Greater yields from hydroponic gardens
  • Better tasting fruits and vegetables from hydroponic systems
  • Avoid seasonal shifts with indoor or climate controlled gardens - no need to wait for the frost to disappear
  • Fewer hassles and easier management make this type of gardening more enjoyable for many
  • Family fun and relaxation abound with hydroponics - less mess, less fuss and better overall control makes this hobby perfect for people of all ages

Eco Friendly

But hydroponic gardens are not just beneficial for your family; they also help the environment. Hydroponic gardening can be used to alleviate poverty by growing healthy food at affordable costs without putting any additional strain on the land. Certain set ups also utilize recycled water and recycled nutrients, with reduces the amount of resources required for harvesting food.

In dry climates and regions that depend on irrigation for farming, hydroponic systems using recycled water deliver tremendous benefits. Operating with just 10 percent of the water used in traditional hydroponic systems, these set ups allow for food harvesting in any climate.

Hydroponic gardens require very little, if any, pesticides and herbicides. They also thrive with about 25 percent of the fertilizer required by a typical soil-based garden.

Recent statistics state that more than 10 million hectares of arable land are lost on an annual basis. This trend highlights the importance of hydroponics, which can yield the same results as soil-based gardens in a fraction of the space—generally 20 percent of traditional gardens.

Hydroponic gardens do not rely on seasons for production, making it possible to grow fresh, healthy food in any season. This also allows for multiple harvests throughout the year. Speculation states that hydroponics will produce a significant amount of food in over-populated and urban centers, as residents realize the benefits and grow fresh food on rooftops and in basements.

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