Types of Systems

Understanding the Drip System


The most commonly seen hydroponic garden set up, the drip system offers simple operation and reliable performance. Using drip lines connected to each container or pot, a submersed pump operates on a timer to deliver nutrient solution on a schedule.

You can choose a recirculating drip system and realize the benefits of reusing the nutrient solution. Runoff collects in a reservoir and recirculates through the system. The opposite type of system is considered a water-to-waste, using unaltered nutrient solution at stable pH levels and a steady concentration. Recirculating systems vary in these two factors, and gardeners need to consistently monitor the pH levels and nutrient concentration.

Waste-to-water systems operate best with a soil-less setup, as this growing media retains more water. This absorption allows the pump to work less and results in lower levels of waste. Using quality plant nutrients and a decent growing media, this type of hydroponic drip system offers one of the better methods of gardening with grow lights.


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