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Tomato Horn Worm

Tomato Horn Worm on your tomatoes? ~ farmers almanc about them

When Kitty called to ask us what had happened to one of her Tomato Plants
I just had to go over to her Garden to
See what was going on. As I prepared
a big batch of Oregon's only " Nectar for the Gods " Nutrient bloom formula
& reviewing the extensive damage
( see photos ) after only one night, I was pretty confident that from the way the foliage was stripped nearly bare to the
Stocks ( with plenty of pest droppings around ) of only one of her once beautiful
Tomato plants we had quite a pest that needed to be located & stopped before
The rest of her Summer Gardens were
Ruined. I had my suspicions of the
Problem and while fertilizing, I worked my way around the base & leaves of each plants In #7 smart pots to find the
Culprict! Low and Behold, getting ready on the side of the next pot in line
a HUGE " Manduca quinquemaculata " or Caterpillar " Tomato Hornworm"
If not identified, These pests can level
Your tomato plants and wipe out any chance of that Amazing from the Garden
" BLT" you have been working for all Summer. We removed the worm from the side of the next victims plant pot
and as to the "Old Farmers Almanac"
Prepared a cup of a few drops of dish washing/ soapy water & dropped him
In the solution without the use of any
Pesticides. Problem Solved! Team PH
Perfect!!!!! Check out the link to "the Old Farmers Almanac " for more details of
What this nearly 5" pest can do to other
Crops like Eggplants, peppers etc..
Kitty, you owe me your first Garden Fresh BLT!!!! Lol.

Have a Fantastic Weekend

Happy & Healthy Harvests!!

Rob, Kris & Team H2!!!

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Of your Gardening Assistance!

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